The ingredients used must respect the environment and human health.

Natural ingredients

These are natural and renewable raw materials, not chemically modified and from the plant, animal or mineral kingdom.

  • Vegetable and animal raw materials must be organic sourced as much as possible. The AB label, the Nature et Progrès, Simples et Déméter, Intertek, Certipaq-Visagro, Ecocert, Qualité France certifications, and any COFRAC approved certifier (or international equivalent) are accepted.
  • For animal raw materials, only substances derived from living animals, which do not constitute them, and whose removal does not harm either the producing animals or the balance of ecosystems, are authorized. Animal raw materials the extraction of which involves the suffering or death of the producing animal are prohibited.
  • The extraction of mineral materials must not generate pollution or degradation of the landscape.

Ingredients of natural origin

These are natural ingredients transformed using simple chemical processes or taking into account the concept of “Green Chemistry”

  • The basic natural ingredients must meet the requirements for natural ingredients.
  • Ingredients of biotechnological origin are authorized in the composition of cosmetic products covered by this standard. GMOs are not permitted until proof of their harmlessness to health.

Ingredients obtained by chemical synthesis

The ingredients obtained by synthesis must comply with the principle of “green chemistry”. Harmless synthetic products, the use of which is essential in certain formulations, are tolerated.

The water

Analysis reports of the water used must prove its potability. In order to minimize the presence of possible pollutants, it is advisable to use suitable treatment techniques.

Perfumes and aromas

The standard recommends raw materials of natural origin or FEMA GRAS compliant.

Biodegradability of ingredients

It must be optimal, which means using the most biodegradable ingredients possible. In particular, surfactants must be biodegradable in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004 relating to detergents.

Purity of ingredients

In order to obtain finished products as safe as possible, the ingredients used must be free from pesticide contamination. The manufacturer must be able to provide guarantees from the suppliers attesting to the conformity of the ingredients used.