• Global organic sourced approach (pesticide-free, ecological, biodegradable raw materials, recyclable packaging, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, etc.)
  • Green Chemistry. Chemical processes are sometimes essential in order to offer consumers products that are effective and pleasant to use. The Bio-Earth-Durable label advocates the concept of “Green Chemistry”, which favors the use of renewable raw materials and environmentally friendly processes in accordance with the principle of sustainable development.
  • Respect for consumer health, guaranteed by:
    • The predominant use of natural or natural ingredients and green chemistry.
    • The minimization of synthetic ingredients and considered essential in certain formulations.
  • Solidarity and Fair Trade: Bio-Earth-Durable affirms its refusal of any form of exploitation of people, especially children, and seeks to promote a responsible and united economy, with fair remuneration for producers.
  • Support for vulnerable beings, humans and animals, through a moral and militant commitment, in particular an annual donation to a humanitarian cause as well as an animal cause.

For consumers, Bio-Earth-Durable is intended to be a label of organic products and a mark of manufacturers’ commitment to sustainable development. This standard is a living document, which can be revised and updated according to technical progress and regulatory requirements.